When I have time and nothing to do :)

When I have time and nothing to do (or I have something to do but too lazy to do that because of some reasons XD)….

This is what happen…

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WonKyu Indirect Kiss <3

130616 SuperShow 5 in HK
siwon put his hands on kyuhyun’s shoulder and kissed kyuhyun with eyes closed. #WONKYU !!! (cr.meatyoudumpling)

“Omg Wonkyu indirect kiss during ending stage. Kyu took the fanproject paper put on his lips den Siwon went to kiss the paper.” (cr. @gecktingivy)


there’re many pics of wonkyu at SuperShow 5 in HK actually, but I love this one XD

and here’s the fanart, I made it myself 🙂
not very good though ( I made it in just one hour or less :B)



WonKyu Vid

That is my ‘homemade’ video XD
I made that to…. amuse myself :B
But! If you are willing to watch the video, I will be really really happy :3

Aaaaannndd…… because the last scene is just too random to be understand *ahihi* I’ll explain to you what happen there actually

So, the story was WonKyu met again after a really long separation. The first scene, Siwon step out from his car, just pretend that he went to a place that he used to visit with Kyuhyun. Next, Siwon standing alone, and then he’s seeing something or someone. And there’s the blurred figure, standing with black suit and white shirt. That is Kyuhyun *just pretend that it’s him*

And what happen next? It’s up to you XD