EXO Girl Version: Lolita

EXO - Lolita Style


I was going to post this when I’m done with all of the pictures (12 members of EXO), but it’ll took too much time

So I make it into two part, the other members will be in part 2🙂

Hope you guys like this😄

Let me know what do you think of the pics😉



EXO Girl Version Lolita Part 1

❤ Girl Version of EXO❤ EXO’s Girl Version<3

EXO’s doing cosplay~

These are all lolita style :3



Luhan - Classic Lolita❤ Luhan who turns into a doll❤


Baekhyun - Gothic Lolita

❤ Little Baekhyunie❤


Suho - Classical Lolita❤ Suho Umma❤


Kris - Gothic Lolita

❤ Kris … um… It’s kinda funny to see him like this haha❤

.Tao - Gothic Lolita

❤ Whiny Tao❤

Xiumin - Classical Lolita

❤ Lady Xiumin😄❤



EXO Girl Version Lolita Part 2

Part 2


Sehun - Country Lolita

❤ Sehunie – Country Lolita❤


Kai - Punk Lolita❤ Kai – Punk Lolita❤


D.O - Sweet Lolita

❤ D.O – Sweet Lolita❤


Chen - Country Lolita

❤ Chen – Country Lolita❤


Lay - Punk Lolita❤ Lay – Punk Lolita❤


Chanyeol - Punk Lolita

❤ Chanyeol – Punk(?) Lolita❤




Megurine Kris❤ Sexy Megurine Kris❤


Madoka Luhan zoom version❤ Cute Lu-Madoka-Han❤



credit: I don’t own any of the original pics :B

Thank you for reading. Leave a comment? ^^

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