When I have time and nothing to do :)

When I have time and nothing to do (or I have something to do but too lazy to do that because of some reasons XD)….

This is what happen…


This is the famous evil maknae of super junior… He’s a cute girl isn’t he?XD
idk, but i was thinking that his eyes are getting bigger and bigger :v
and it makes him cuter anyway >.<


chanyeol nista close up XDThis is the most playfull alien from EXO-K, please welcome…
The Happy Virus Chanyeol!! \(>.<)/
Do I make him looks ‘naughty’?
Well, it’s Hyuna’s body I used for him, so… yeah.. XD

Ne? You don’t believe that it is Chanyeolie? I know why :B
Just look at this


It’s him :B
this one isn’t mine anyway, credit goes to.. SU? seems like sth is missing there
I’m not the one who cropped it! I swear :3


And this is YunJae.. from MKMF i guess…

you don’t remember? take a look at this one
(I know, they’are not really look similar, I’m an amateur after all :B)


this one is not mine too, credit goes to … Marshmallow cafe
is it? sorry if it isn’t
can’t really see what is written on the picture 😦

New Canvas

uri wonkyu~~~
I don’t have the original pic for this moment, you don’t have to find one anyway
Cuz it won’t look similar to this one XD
(I’m an amateur!! :B)

That’s all, see u~~


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