WonKyu Indirect Kiss <3

130616 SuperShow 5 in HK
siwon put his hands on kyuhyun’s shoulder and kissed kyuhyun with eyes closed. #WONKYU !!! (cr.meatyoudumpling)

“Omg Wonkyu indirect kiss during ending stage. Kyu took the fanproject paper put on his lips den Siwon went to kiss the paper.” (cr. @gecktingivy)


there’re many pics of wonkyu at SuperShow 5 in HK actually, but I love this one XD

and here’s the fanart, I made it myself 🙂
not very good though ( I made it in just one hour or less :B)



3 thoughts on “WonKyu Indirect Kiss <3

  1. hahhahhaahaha heboh bgt gara2 piku itu.. para WKS semalam pada insomnia gara2 lohat foto itu…………. ah my otp…
    di grup juga sangat heboh..lol


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